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Meet the Staff at Massey Aircraft Services

David Hallmark (Owner)

David Hallmark
IA / A&P / Rocket Scientist

Massey Aircraft Service Manager David Hallmark began his aviation career in 1985 with Hallmark Aviation assisting with the general maintenance of AgCats both before and while attending college. In 1989, he graduated from Reedly College with a Airframe & Powerplant license and began working full-time with Massey Aircraft Service. In 2001, he added an Inspection Authorization to his A&P license. During his nearly 20 years of hands-on aviation experience he has been actively involved in many building, rebuilding, maintenance and modification projects for tube and fabric, metal, and composite aircraft. He is highly skilled in metal and composite fabrication, including welding, riveting, and layup techniques, and systems installations. He has overseen the successful completion of a half dozen kit-built aircraft, including several award winners, and has become highly regarded for his creativity and innovative problem solving skills.

David Massey


David Massey grew up in an aviation family. He had his first airplane ride in a J-3 Cub when he was six years old. He then spent his after school and summer hours loading and flagging crop dusters and rebuilding aircraft. His first aircraft purchase was an Aeronca 7AC that he, his father, brothers and uncles all helped rebuild. At sixteen years old, he learned to fly and soloed this airplane. In 1971, he was drafted into the Army's 82nd Airborne at Fort Bragg, N.C. as a helicopter repairman and has eleven parachute jumps under his belt. After getting out of the Army, 1973 found him working at Kraft Systems with Charles Hayes and helped build the Kraft Super Fli for Phil Kraft. In 1974 and 1975, he obtained his A&P and Private Pilots license. From 1975-1976, he worked for Del Goodwin doing general aircraft maintenance. In 1976, he and his family started Massey Aviation in Delano, CA. This shop specialized in general aircraft maintenance, major repairs, restorations and fabrication of aerobatic aircraft. Being involved with aerobatics, he and his family helped established IAC Chapter 26 in Delano, CA. Contests are still held annually to this day. In 1981, he obtained his commercial pilots license and was trained to fly Ag by his father Gerald Massey. In 1982, he and his brother Larry started flying Ag in the company business (McFarland Crop dusters). In 1988, McFarland Crop dusters were sold to San Joaquin Helicopters. He and Larry continued to fly and run the business for them. After his brother Larry's accident and death, " I decided at that point, 5 blown cylinders, 3 forced landings, 3 wire strikes, 2 minor crashes, night applications, eating poison every day, working 7 days a week and 8,129 hours of excitement was enough, and I haven't flown since." From 1992-2001, he continued to run McFarland Crop dusters for San Joaquin Helicopters. Being in the same hanger for 28 years, he decided it was time to do something else. So, from 2001-2005, he dove off into his hobby of engine development working for a machine shop with a racing connection machining and assembling engines and making more horsepower (flow bench, engine and chassis dyno). Being involved in motor sports, he spent a lot of time going to and from race tracks all over the Western U.S. with his circle track and drag racing customers. In 2003, he also re-united with his old band mates, and decided they have a few more years of music left in them, so, his band, The Fugitives are Still Runnin'! In July of 2006, David brought his many years of aviation knowledge to the great crew of Massey Aircraft Service.

Jeff Rubio


In November 2010, Jeff Rubio began working at Massey Aircraft Service fulfilling a lifelong interest in aviation. With his father's influence, Jeff's interest in aviation began at an early age. His father, SFC Joe F. Cole, began his aviation career in the military and most recently as a civilian with San Joaquin Helicopter where he worked until his death in 2007. Along with his interest in aviation, Jeff also has a love for music. In March of 2006, Jeff graduated from The Musicians Institute as a Certified Audio Engineer. In his spare time, you may find him assisting local musicians as a sound engineer or recording at a studio. Jeff has also had a variety of work experience. Prior to his employment at Massey Aircraft Service, Jeff has dabbled in building, fabricating, and maintaining a Ford Mustang project. He has worked with explosives and has been trained in audio electronics. Jeff is excited to be working as a member of the Massey Aircraft team.

Ken Massey (Founder-Retired)

Company Founder-Retired

Ken’s passion for aviation started while living in Delano, CA, a small farm town in the San Joaquin Valley.  Being brought up in this fertile valley, Ken was heavily exposed to aviation and it’s opportunities.  In 1954, while attending high school, he was a part-time employee of Delano Flying Service.  After graduation in 1955, Ken started full-time employment at McFarland Crop Dusters.  After many years of work at McFarland Crop Dusters, 1958 found him employed by Atwood Crop Dusters, where he applied his knowledge as the assistant shop foreman.  While working here, he joined the Air Force Reserve in 1960 serving as a line mechanic working on F-86L’s until 1966.  He received his Private Pilot’s License in 1963.  After many years of dedicated work, Ken received his A&P in 1965, his IA in 1968, and his Commercial Pilot’s License in 1969.  In 1975, he started work for AgViation, Inc.  Here, he was assigned manager for the Grumman AgCat distributor of the west coast.  In October 1981, Ken founded Massey Aircraft Service.  Here he applied his knowledge to aid in the restorations and maintenance of a variety of different aircraft.  Having experience building a Meyers Little Toot from 1963 through 1966, Ken used this as a building block for future experimental aircraft projects. These include Harmon Rockets and RV series aircraft, and completion of the only customer assembled Super Stallion.  Ken has passed on his many years of experience to his employees, that are now operating the company under his watchful eye, even though most of his time is spent on his own projects.

Karen Massey (Co-Founder-Retired)


 After 16 years working for Bank of America and 6 years part time @ Massey Aircraft Service, in 1987 Karen came to work full time not only to continue to assist in building aircraft, but to also run the office and parts department. As the business grew and employees were hired she also took on the roll of “MOM”. Making sure staff, customers have fresh ground coffee and homemade goodies daily. She also takes care of customers pets with goodies and toys of their own. She has created an atmosphere that has kept our customers coming back to visit even after their projects are finished.


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